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Mother Nature

The Treant woman who keeps the balance of nature. She is reclusive and mysterious. Humans depict her as the all-loving, gentle beauty comparable to the goddess Venus. In reality, she is a vengeful, deadly she-beast, who does not have any qualms in destroying humans that she finds in her path through measures such as tornadoes, floods, eruptions, earthquakes, and droughts.

As of late, she has become weak, and retreated further into Summer Downs, leaving the humans to fall apart and be consumed by the darker forces of the world.

Swamp Girl Saiya

The caretaker of the creatures of Summer Downs, she is usually hidden beneath the surface of the swamp, though the shrine she oversees rests on dry land. She drives outsiders away, not allowing them to discover Mother Nature's hiding place, in constant paranoid fear that they are in alliance with Pollution. She also leads the effort to rid the world of the evil sister, but has so far not been able to raise an army powerful enough to stand a realistic chance. She is young, but has powerful friends.

I don't enjoy killing, Mr. Smith. I do it because I'm addicted to it. - Mr. Brooks

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