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 Anica's Cosplays

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PostSubject: Anica's Cosplays   Tue Dec 09, 2008 2:42 pm

I've done some cosplaying in the past, so here's my photos to date.

Youmacon '07

Original character cosplay. I still have the suit, badge and sword but sadly the boots died shortly after the con and the sunglasses I have on my head busted >.>


Colassalcon '08

My first real cosplay as Sasori from Naruto. It's a wig, and I ordered the cloak online.


Cons I've been to

Youmacon '05, '06 and '07
J-Fax '07
Oyahocon '08
Colassalcon '08
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Anica's Cosplays
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