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 Rules of Costumes

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PostSubject: Rules of Costumes   Rules of Costumes Icon_minitimeTue Dec 09, 2008 9:11 am


SHOW US! We dont care how bad or good it may be, because we LOVE them!

Ive only got a couple rules, which shouldnt bother anyone TOO much.

1) If you've got a cotume that consists of: Nudity, sexual undertones, drug symbols, violent symbols or props, blood/gore, or anything else you wouldnt show your young children, put a big fat (M) in your thread name C:

Failure to do this will result in a deletion of your thread and a very angry message from me. I dont like banning people for stuff like this, but I will if you argue to do it again.

2) Cross-dressing is NOT mature content, so dont get your panties in a bunch about it. Neither is people kissing. Jeez.

3) NO HATING! (YOU try making a gundam suit) Dont flame people. They can say they want CONSTRUCTIVE Crit., but that doesnt allow the flood gates to open, okay?

4) Original characters are just as good as looking like a ninja, so none of this stupid butthurt bullshit about them not being cosplayers (people have told me this...I say, fuck them! Unoriginal assholes) C:
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Rules of Costumes
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