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 A-Z with song Titles!

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A-Z with song Titles! Empty
PostSubject: A-Z with song Titles!   A-Z with song Titles! Icon_minitimeMon Dec 08, 2008 10:20 am

This one's rather cool, actually.

We go through the alphabet, A-Z, and post song titles starting with the letter after the letter of the person's song title above you.

For example, if I posted the song title 'If I was your Vampire', the next letter in the alphabet would be J, so the next song would have to start with the letter J.

Please try to include a link to the lyrics for confirmation of the song, and maybe a link to a Youtube video if you're feeling generous so other people can take a listen if they're interested. Also, songs may be in any language (which probably makes it a whole lot easier XD )

So, let's start with the letter 'A'

Akatsuki no Kuruma by Fiction Junction Yuuka

Lyrics -

Vid -
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A-Z with song Titles!
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