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RULES NOW!!!! Empty
PostSubject: RULES NOW!!!!   RULES NOW!!!! Icon_minitimeSat Dec 06, 2008 6:03 am

1) NO sexual content

2) behave like mature people.

3) Do not go on a mass genocide; We LIKE our characters! We want them to LIVE!

4) Do not be angry at least in public: it makes Bernie cry...D:

5) Brachenwood is completely Copyrighted to Bernadette, so you cant post your story anywhere else without her permission. No big deal, just PM her.

6) Because of Rule 5, watch the comic for any information that may change how your plot plays out. There arent many rules to worlds that Bernie creates, so dont really worry about it TOO much.

Ex. In the comic, harpies are extinct.

That would mean that you cant have a character who is a Harpie.

(No, harpies arent ACTUALLY extinct in the comic, I made that up off the top of my head. You get the point)
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